Program Highlights From 2016

Our 2016 program was from July 31 through August 7. It was chock full of fun! Even though we had an amazing time exploring Boston, our activities were far surpassed by our wonderful participants and staff as they created a strong, vibrant, and caring community. You can get a glimpse of their camaraderie in this wonderful short film.

In addition to the highlights below, we went on a whale watch in Boston Harbor (and saw real live whales!), spent a day at the beach on Spectacle Island, and were blown away by the culinary acrobats in "Cuisine and Confessions" at the Cutler Majestic Theater.

    Instructor-led Fitness Sampler

This sampler gave attendees the opportunity to experience different kinds of exercise in a fun, supportive environment. The offerings included meditation, yoga, and Zumba.

Meditation has been proven to increase emotional well-being, and it’s a wonderful way to enhance personal control over stress. Yoga adds flexibility and balance to the mix. Zumba is a fun dance form, and our instructor throws a dance party like no other! Everyone cheered as soon as Ketty came in for their second Zumba workshop.

    Q&A Session with Dr. Lynne Levitsky and Beth Wheeler

Dr. Lynne Levitsky, BITSS’s medical director, hosted a Q&A session with Beth Wheeler, BITSS's treasurer. Dr. Levitsky is co-director of the Turner Syndrome Wellness Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. Beth has Turner syndrome, and she also has two kids. You can read more about Dr. Levitsky and Beth here.

    Boston Museums

The summiteers absolutely loved the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. One girl said, "I would literally sit through another seven-hour flight just to go back to the Gardner Museum. I loved it that much."

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is home to many incredible exhibits, including thousands of beautiful glass flowers and a fabulous display of gems and gorgeous mineral formations. But what they really loved was the taxidermy!