Join the Board

BITSS is run by a Board of Directors made up of volunteering members of the TS community. Because BITSS is always growing, we are looking for more talented individuals to join the board in providing a truly remarkable experience for our summit attendees.

We are currently looking to fill our Marketing Director position, of which a detailed description is below.

To apply to join the board, please click here to fill our our BITTS Board Member Application.

If you're interested in becoming a board member but your expertise doesn't match the currently open positions, we encourage you to volunteer! Being involved is the best way to be informed and ready when a good fit does open up.

    Secretary/Project Manager

This role is one with some of the most diverse tasks on the board, along with the usual board responsibilities in guiding the direction of the organization, voting, and being willing to represent the organization to the public. Our board is a working board, and while the position is an honor it is also very much an active responsibility.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Taking Board Meeting Minutes.
  • Tracking action items, and following up to make sure they are all assigned and getting completed in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining data quality on the Google Drive.
  • Keeping the website up to date, with regular updates.
  • Working with the President of the Board to ensure board members are sent out a meeting agenda prior to phone and in-person meetings, and that those agendas are compiled on the Google Drive.
  • Scheduling board meetings in collaboration with the board president.
  • Providing assistance on any projects that require extra people on them; this may include tasks such as assisting in creating the graphics for the Summit schedule, jumping in on the occasional fundraiser planning process, and proofreading the occasional document.

    Marketing Director

The marketing director is a Board position, with the voting, meeting, and company direction guiding duties of any other board member. In addition, this board member is in charge of overseeing or completing the marketing tasks needed by BITSS. These tasks are extremely front-facing, and include interfacing with participants and their families, medical professionals, staff, and others in the TS community. The bullets below in the responsibilities section are the major areas of responsibility, but other tasks may be requested of the marketing director.

Major Responsibilities to be performed by Marketing Director or Marketing Committee with oversight by the Marketing Director:

  • Newsletter on the 15th of each month, going out to participants, their parents, volunteers, former staff, and other community members.
  • Social media: The BITSS page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as interacting with other organizations’ pages. We are looking for regular posts on all of our platform pages, with useful hashtags, tags etc. This is a major area for you to do oversight of volunteers, assigning them to these roles with the help of the Volunteer Coordinator and Talent/ HR Director.
  • Research new areas for exposure (via news outlets, other TS orgs/nonprofits, and local chapters, among others). For example, we ask other TS organizations to name us on their websites under resources.
  • Interact with prospective participants and their families who reach out through social media platforms.
  • Represent and promote BITSS at local TSSUS Meetings, national conferences, and related opportunities.
  • Promotional video - Create (or, with Board approval, delegate and oversee) and circulate an annual promotional video.
  • Develop flyer promoting upcoming Summit with certain highlight activities (via Programming Director).
  • Coordinate and oversee mailing of letters/flyers to pediatric endocrinologists, TS clinics, and other stakeholders. Email to doctors/clinics as a follow-up to October physical mailings (work with medical director on this).
  • Additional responsibilities as determined by the Board.