Save the date: BITSS 2019 will be July 28 - August 4!

About the Program

The Boston International Turner Syndrome Summit is an eight-day residential summer program for young women with Turner syndrome between the ages of 12 and 19 in Boston, MA. The summit provides a healthy, social environment where young women with Turner syndrome can grow and form a community that will last far longer than eight days. During the summit, we explore Boston, take fun workshops that give our participants the chance to experience something new, and of course spend time together!

Keep reading to find out what we did in 2018! And you can click here to read about our other past summits and get a real taste of BITSS with our videos from 2016 and 2017.

2018 Program Highlights

    Broadway in Boston

Our wishes came true! BITSS went to Disney's Aladdin at the Boston Opera House. Aladdin is a hit Broadway musical, adapted from the animated movie of the same name, full of fun, beauty, comedy, and magic from the producers of The Lion King. And just as spectacular is the venue—the Boston Opera House is an eye-poppingly stunning theater built in 1928.

    A Day in Historic Salem

Salem, Massachusetts was the site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials in 1692. In present day, it's a beacon for all things interesting and artsy. This year, we visited the Peabody Essex Museum and the House of Seven Gables. We're excited to see Yin Yu Tang, a 200-year-old Chinese house that was reassembled at PEM. Click here to watch a short video about Yin Yu Tang.

The House of the Seven Gables, built in 1668, is best known today as the setting of world-renowned American author Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1851 novel. It was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 2007.

    Summit Selects

BITSS 2018 ushered in a new concept: Summit Selects! There were three electives in each categories, and girls were able to select their preferences. In Things They Don't Teach You In School, participants learned about meditation, financial literacy, and how to stand up to bullies. For the Arts elective, we had a grand time in jazz pop, West and Central African dance moves and rhythms, and photograph. And yes, we had silly hats for photography! We're looking forward to having elective options again next year!

    BITSS Traditions

Over the last few years, BITSS has developed its own slew of awesome traditions.

  • Start the week off right with amazing, engaging games that break the ice!
  • Everyone's an artist at our yearly paint night!
  • Boogie the night away at an upbeat dance party!
  • Sing your heart out at karaoke!
  • Hang out at our pajama party movie night!
  • Chat with medical practitions outside of the office at our doctor panel!
  • Try not to lose anything at the beach!
  • Speak with a new voice: your hands! ASL with Sabrina!
  • And yes, of course Ketty was back for more Zumba!