Special Needs Coordinator

This role is one for an individual who wants to help some of ithe BITSS participants access and take full advantage of the exciting program offered. All are important members of our Community, and able to participate in the program fully with support.

Typically, the participants who would benefit from the services of the Special Needs Coordinator are young women with Turner syndrome who may have social and/or behavioral challenges.


  • One year or more of work experience in special needs
  • Undergraduate degree or higher in special needs education
  • Comfortable working with children ages 12-19
  • Dedicated to helping integrate young women of all abilities in fun activities and empowering meaningful discussions.
  • Physical ability to walk relatively long distances


  • Assist special needs participants navigate hygiene in the dorms, in the mornings and evenings.
  • Oversee special needs participants prepare for their day, making sure they all have proper footwear, water bottle, and their sunscreen properly applied.
  • Facilitate successful special needs participant participation in group discussions, group activities and 1:1 interactions with peers, as needed in collaboration with Mentors.
  • Ensure that special needs participants stay with the group and remain safe while navigating the Boston subway system, walking along busy city sidewalks, crossing streets, and touring local attractions.
  • Support special needs participants in additional areas as needed.


  • Team player
  • Collaborative approach
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Empathy and kindness
  • Boundary setting


  • Familiar with Turner Syndrome
  • Has Turner Syndrome