BITSS Values Statement

Diversity is celebrated! We value diversity and maintain an inclusive program, where all participants are welcomed and celebrated regardless of ethnicity, race, disability, national origin, citizenship, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Growth happens outside of comfort zones. All participants (and staff!) are encouraged to participate in new activities and experiences - at BITSS, trying something new is how we define success.

We respect ourselves and others. At BITSS, we speak with kindness and respect to one another, about one another, and about ourselves. We seek to conduct ourselves in a manner that earns respect from others. We recognize and support the strengths and accomplishments of others, and we encourage one another to strive for greatness.

Better to bend than break. In a storm, a tree that sways remains upright once the storm has passed. At BITSS, we try to learn to compromise and remain flexible. We strive to remain considerate of, and empathetic toward, the needs and desires of others.

Physical, mental and emotional health are all important. We value and teach the importance of physical, emotional and mental well being. We encourage all to participate in appropriate physical activity and opportunities to learn how to care for our minds, cope with stress, and manage anxieties.

“She believed she could. So she did.” At BITSS, we believe that when we do things for people that they can do for themselves, they learn to depend on us. When people acquire new skills, they grow in strength, confidence, and resilience.

There is strength in community. We share things in common as a community and celebrate our differences. At BITSS, we have the opportunity to build lasting friendships and community, and to nurture those bonds throughout the year. Turner syndrome brings us together, but takes a backseat to the simple pleasures of learning, growing, and having fun together.